A Union Soldier.

Stephen Byerla is my third great-grandfather. He was born in 1841 and died in 1907. What made me linger on him for a little while was the fact that he was in the American Civil War (and the fact that his middle name is Byerla just makes me laugh--who names their child that, really?) I … Continue reading A Union Soldier.


Stories That Influence Me.

Last summer, I read Roots by Alex Haley. The book had been on my subconscious for several years now, back when I read a story about it in Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul. Up until that time, I'd never read it before, but I finally read it. Haley's novel is an epic, that of … Continue reading Stories That Influence Me.

Where My Genealogy Research Began.

I don't remember when I was told about my grandmother's father, but I always knew that he was Native American, from the Cherokee tribe. It was something that everybody just knew, but never talked about. Was it because they were ashamed of who he was and what his heritage was? I don't know, but I … Continue reading Where My Genealogy Research Began.